Re-Remembering Russian History: Memory, Nostalgia and National Identity in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

The conference will be held on 28-29 of February, 2020
We work on developing and popularizing Digital Humanities, a dynamic research field at the intersection of humanities and computer sciences. Introduction of computer-enabled methods and tools in traditional humanities opens new opportunities for gathering, visualizing and analyzing data.

ITMO University's powerhouse for digital humanities research, DH Center implements projects that use computer algorithms to analyze and present data in humanities fields.
ITMO University's Digital Humanities
Research Center
DH Center's key research focuses include:
Corpus linguistics (semantic, stylometric and frequency analysis)
Digital technologies in cultural heritage management
Augmented and virtual reality in culture
Integration of Big Data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in projects
DH Center is St. Petersburg's first large-scale project dedicated to the popularization of Digital Humanities and the development of DH community. We host a multitude of open events aimed at introducing the wider public to the latest developments in the field of Digital Humanities. Our network of partner venues include Sevkabel Port, Okhta Lab, and the educational bar Baccalaureate.
Drawing on DH Center's strengths in the field of data analysis and visualization, ITMO University's newly-launched international Master's program in Data, Culture and Visualization trains highly-qualified data professionals with strong statistical and technical skills and competencies in research, communication, and design.
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