2019 marks the launch of ITMO University's new international Master's program "Data, Culture and Visualization".
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Data, Culture and Visualization is one of the few Master's programs in Russia that train in-demand specialists in the field of Digital Humanities. The result of unique cooperation between ITMO University's Digital Humanities Research Center and Machine Learning Lab, the program also includes courses implemented together with the European University at St. Petersburg. Leading researchers and practitioners in the fields of humanities and computer sciences joined forces to train the specialists of the future with a diverse and versatile set of skills necessary for successful solution of interdisciplinary tasks.
apply new information technologies in various fields of humanities using state-of-the-art tools of intelligent data analysis, machine learning and computer linguistics.

select and apply the right tools for cultural data collection, storage, manipulation, analysis, visualization, dissemination, and preservation, as relevant to their goals, tasks, and target audience.

interpret complex cultural data and effectively share it using a wide range of visual and narrative approaches and means.
What to learn?
The students will learn to:
Where to work?
During their studies, the students will have the opportunity to hone their skills by participating in a wide range of international internships, grants and competitions. They can also do an internship at Digital Humanities Research Center, Machine Learning Lab and other laboratories and research centers of ITMO and its partner universities.
The program's graduates will be in high demand in:
academia and research sector;

the fields of analytics, metrics management and customer relations;

digital advertising;

social media and market research;

management of cultural heritage and other branches of the creative industry.
In 2019, admission to the program is conducted for 25 tuition-free and 10 fee-based places.

The easiest way to apply is through the Portfolio Contest. Application deadline is June 2. The winners will be enrolled into the program with no additional entrance examinations.
How to apply?
To participate, you'll need to go through four simple steps:
fill in the application form and portfolio cover page;

prepare the necessary documents;

upload it all to the entry form.

You'll get extra points if:
you've participated in conferences and/or interesting projects;

your GPA is no lower than 4.3.
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We'll be more than happy to help! Contact us at dh@corp.ifmo including "Master's program" in the topic of your email.
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